...Vision is everything. As an art photographer my focus has always been to tell a story. Whether you're in search of the perfect subject, color palette or light, I consider my greatest strength the ability to work with nature to achieve the telling of our beautiful world...

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Julia Cassia ART

Julia received her Masters in Academy of Managment in 1998 with an upgrade in University HSG of St-Gallen in 2012.

Her interest in photography started in 1990 with a fathers Zenith.
She became professional Travel photographer at 2004 with Canon 350. now she do his works with Canon MarkII.

Julia has been involved nearly in all fields of photography in 2006. Especially in Creative photo projects for travelling and events. She has published her photos in many Swiss and Russian magazines and media.

..."I view the art of photography as a subtractive process, a distilling of reality into a personal vision. As such I often use the tools of modern photography – different filters, digital enhancement. I try to capture in an image the emotions I feel at the moment I click the camera's shutter..."

All Digital Files are available to be commanded - please feel free to contact Julia.


Best Photograph of the Wild Nature, 2008

Winner of PHOTO Competition http://www.photokonkurs.com

First Place in PANORAMA, 2008

Member of Union Art Photograph http://www.photounion.ru


Photograph in Redaction  Magazine Russische Schweiz http://ruswiss.ch

Woman CIS Business Club www.cisbusinessclub.com